Community Broadcasts

Superwoman broadcasts every weekend on two radio stations in each of the selected districts in Gulu and Gomba. Each school and community gets to hear their program play over the waves. This radio show offers the girls the opportunity to present an entertaining and informative program in their own voices. We believe the sheer presence of their voices on radio elevates the girls in the eyes of their peers, family and community. Radio is a powerful communication tool, and for one's voice to be heard on radio is still an event of significance in Uganda. This explains why people with backgrounds in radio often end up in leadership positions. In Uganda's 10th Parliament for instance, more than 10 MPs owe their position to having their voice on the airwaves as show hosts, commentetors, and news anchors. In an environment where the ambitions of the girl child are traditionally looked down upon, the power of radio is critical in changing attitudes.