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CHANGE IS EVERYONE’S CONCERN- A girl’s journey to self-realization


We recently had yet another pleasure of carrying out a Super Woman Awards Gala in Gomba district hosted by Mpenja Senior Secondary School and there we experienced so much in terms of what this project is doing.

There were so many lessons to be learned by all in attendance from the girls through drama, dance and presentation. This was also the gala with the highest parent attendance and this delightful for the students as they were proud to present to their parents all they have been learning. Most profoundly however, a particular speech of “the woman I want to be” from Justine Nawangi left us feeling proud and showed the ultimate result of impact and we would like to share it with you too.

Titled, “CHANGE IS EVERY ONE’S CONCERN”, here is Justine’s speech;

I greet all the listeners and readers of this wonderful and real successful story I have presented in the peace of writing. I want to thank Wizarts Foundation for the support and service rendered to the woman empowering emancipation through mentoring, empowering and motivating girls through the “super woman club” which is implemented in schools for the students especially girls. Additionally, I want to appreciate the heads of schools like Head Teachers and other school administrators for embracing such programs to run effectively in their schools.

I as a student have benefited much from the super woman program. It has tremendously improved my life, shaped my future ad transformed me totally. I was the type of person that lacked self-esteem to the extent that I couldn’t address my problems to my parents, teachers and leaders that could help me. This always put me in jeopardy since life was hard for me and I couldn’t always devise the best solutions for my problems and challenges. However, through the super woman club, I have gained confidence and self-esteem that have endowed me with eloquence and oratory skills. Overtime, I acquired these from debates, skits and super woman radio program recording sessions in which I have been involved. It has also paved a way for my involvement in leadership because as of now, I am the Head Prefect, student representative in UNSA and member of the chapel committee at Kasaka Senior School.

Furthermore, I always had a great desire to tour and explore various parts in the country and also socialize with people from different walks of life. My capability to have this was always low and whenever I tried, it was in vain. However, with the help of super woman programs like the super woman galas, I have been able to travel, tour and explore various areas, both rural and urban. Because we meet at meet at galas and the super woman house from different schools, my longtime dream for socializing and interacting with various people has been realized. This gave me a chance to make friendships outside of those I would normally make and these have given me inspiration and motivation. I am jovial that at least now, I know some important places in the capital city. The program has made me really a “super woman”.

Most importantly, I have been able to discover my dream of becoming a Judge and looked for the ways how I can achieve it. I have been mentored, inspired, motivated and at least now I feel determined, resilient, zealous and courageous and I will emerge victorious and become somebody somewhere “tomorrow”. I truly believe that the “sky is the limit”.

Before the coming of super woman in our school my performance was always poor and I was falling behind other students. However, when he the super woman project came to our school, I emerged as the first outstanding super woman in whole of Gomba District during the 2017 “super woman awards gala. I won a number of prizes such as; sugar, sanitary towels, books and pens which helped me during the course of the school term as I am a boarding student. I was also given a trophy that encouraged my parents to pay schools fees for me because they were very happy to me as the best student among all the five super woman schools at the time. This also improved my performance because from right then, I became very serious and focused on my academics due to inspirations from Wizarts Foundation staff and my performance changed positively. An impact that can be evidenced by my senior 4 results where I emerged second best in the whole school and the best among girls. Again, I was able to join “A” level due to the super woman support through which they paid launch fees for me and provided books. I am currently maintaining my position among the 5 best students in our school.

In a synopsis, I congratulate the super woman project for the work well done among girls. I also thank our senior woman (Lead Female Teacher) madam Aidah Nakakande and our Head Teacher Mrs. Jane Sserumaga for the work well done. Girls have really been mentored and motivated and now they all know what they want. Therefore, I want to encourage the super woman team to continue with such a great work to ensure women’s social status is improved because at least now, light for me at the end of the tunnel has been realized. I call upon girls to participate in this program freely such that their lives can also get transformed like mine.

Thank you and may God Bless You!

To Justine, the sky is the limit for you. Now, fly!

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