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Welcome to the 9th edition of the “SuperWoman Awards Gala”!

Welcome to the 9th edition of the “SuperWoman Awards Gala”!

A section of the “Super Woman Dreams-IC” project being implemented to keep girls in school by reversing the dropout rate through Radio show production and recording, the gala recognizes among the girls; Best show, Best Presenter, Best Essay Writer, Outstanding SuperWoman and most active school. Hosted by 1 of the 4 schools in each district, the gala wrecks in a massive number of the community, relevant service providers and roles models. It is the moment for the hard working SuperWomen to get recognized by their community but also the perfect moment to educate the community on the benefits of “Girl Child Education”.

We invite you to join us on Friday 22nd, 2018 at St. Leonard’s Maddu Secondary School  in Gomba District as we celebrate our journey with the girls thus far or follow us closely on our social media platforms for updates; Facebook: Wizarts foundation and Twitter: @wiz_foundation.


On Friday 15th June, Wizarts Foundation and Lukome Senior Secondary School successfully pulled off the long anticipated Super Woman Awards Gala themed; “GBV: A pathway to HIV infection: All Girls Deserve a VIOLENCE FREE LIFE. What are you doing about it today?”. It was an event filled color, dancing, talent, and educative dramas. To say the kids were excited would take away from the enthusiastic energy of the day.

Schools present were, Gulu Army Secondary School, Paicho Secondary School, the hosts; Lukome Senior Secondary School, Awach Secondary School, Gulu Secondary School and new comers to the project; Secrade Heart Secondary School Gulu. With the help of the boys, the girls presented dramas depicting their harsh reality growing up in their different societies titled; domestic violence, child labor, the huddle and early marriage. Highlighting the abusers, the possible helpers and victims in society, the dramas sent clear messages on how these depressive actions in society affect the girls’ ability to perform and level up, how they can be avoided and what steps one should take should they find themselves in similar positions.

During his speech, the Head Teacher at Lukome Senior Secondary School, Mr Thomas Angola expressed his delightful experience working with the Super Woman Dreams teams especially because of the impact he has seen the project take on the girls involved. According to him, the girls are more confident, expressive and demanding of themselves academically and outside the school. Following our theme: “GBV: A pathway to HIV infection: All Girls Deserve a VIOLENCE FREE LIFE. What are you doing about it today?”, he called upon parents, guardians and the community not to become the abusers or the silent stander by.

Following our theme too, Guest of Honor, Ms. Miriam Atooro, stressed self-love and the lack of it as the center/beginning of all Gender Based Violence (GBV) in young girls and women’s lives. Very passionate about the African girl child, she encouraged the girls with her humble beginnings telling her education journey; attending schools in Gulu district just like they were currently doing. She also urged them to find a positive place to focus their energy, possibly something they love doing, and become good at it as it will be fulfilling and useful in the future. Her most profound communication in her speech however was her recognition of the young men attending the gala and urging them to continue working together with and protecting the women in their society as women cannot win the battle against the currents treatment they face alone.




Award Name

Winner’s Name

Award Criteria

School Name


Best School/Best show

Paicho Secondary School

Informative and entertaining, they all connected as a team in all performances, confident.

Paicho Secondary School



Outstanding Superwoman


Adong Prossy

Very expressive, energetic tone and active in different categories

Gulu Army Secondary School


Runner Up

Adokorach  Susan

Lively, outspoken, audible, confident  and with a commanding voice

Paicho Secondary School


Best Presenter

Apio Monica


Confident, audible, articulate, strong radio voice.

Paicho Secondary School


Runner Up

Ajok Vick Gift

Confident, audible, articulate, strong radio voice

Awach Secondary School


Best Story writer

Aber Concy


Simple, clear structure, captivating story.


Awach Secondary School




Runner Up

Atim Sarah

Simple, clear structure, captivating story

Gulu Secondary School


Best Actress

Runner Up


Aloyo Faith Lagum

Impressive, interesting adlibs, energetic in tone, captivating choice of words

Gulu Secondary School


Runner Up

Piloya Kevin

Impressive, interesting adlibs, energetic in tone, captivating choice of words.

Gulu Army Secondary school


Best Debater

Aber Phiona

Persuasive Appealing points, relevant to the topic, confident , audible

Lukome Secondary School


Runner Up

Akumu Brenda

Clear points, Relevant examples, calm yet confident in her speech, audible.

Lukome Secondary School








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